Man charged with assault at Tacoma General emergency room

A Pierce County man accused of attacking security officers at MultiCare Tacoma General Hospital has pleaded not guilty.

Andrew Curtis Tucker, 40, was charged Monday with second-degree assault, fourth-degree assault, and custodial assault.

His bail was set at $100,000.

Charging papers give this account:

Police received a call about the attack Aug. 13 and arrived at the hospital emergency room to find it mostly cleared out, with some people hiding behind furniture as Tucker sat on the floor, looking panicked.

Officers saw blood on the floor, and spoke with two security officers who had been attacked: one who appeared to have a broken jaw, vision trouble and a broken nose.

The security officers said they went to the emergency room when they got a report that someone was acting out, and they told Tucker he needed to leave.

Tucker rambled that he wanted to see his children, and suddenly charged one of the security officers, punching him and knocking the glasses off of the officer’s face. That was the officer whose jaw was injured.

As other security officers tried to detain Tucker, he hit one of them.

Tucker told police as they arrested him that he would get into the patrol car on his own, then instead took off running, and fell.

Once they put him in the car, he started kicking, and he also kicked an officer at the jail as he was being booked.

Tucker had gone to the hospital to try to get help for mental health and drug issues.