Former Foss High basketball star arrested on suspicion of drive-by shooting


Former Foss High basketball star Dezmyn Trent was booked Thursday morning into Pierce County Jail on suspicion of drive-by shooting.

He was listed on the jail’s roster Thursday afternoon as being held without bail.

Following the arrest, Trent was released from his scholarship at Boise State University.

Coach Leon Rice announced the decision to dismiss Trent from the team.

Trent, a 6-foot-4 guard, played in 31 games in his two seasons at Boise State, averaging 2.9 points and 1.8 rebounds per game. He was The News Tribune’s 2012-13 All-Area Player of the Year.

Charges have not yet been filed.

Asked about the arrests of Trent and three others for suspicion of drive-by shooting, Lakewood police spokesman Chris Lawler gave this account:

Following two drive-by shootings at the same apartments Wednesday night, officers arrested four men, three of whom are 20 and one who is 19.

Police first got 911 calls about a shooting at 6 p.m. in the 5800 block of 91st Street Southwest.

Witnesses said a dark SUV rolled through the parking lot slowly and shots were fired from it. No one was hit, but another car was struck by gunfire. Officers didn’t find any suspects when they arrived.

Then about 10:45 p.m., officers at a nearby police station heard what sounded like about 30 gunshots. At the same time, people called 911 to report a second shooting at the apartments.

No one was hurt.

As officers responded, they found a dark SUV leaving the area. They pulled over the vehicle and, as the driver got out, a spent shell casing fell from his clothing and officers saw at least one gun.

The SUV had at least one bullet hole in it.

“Doesn’t take much to go, ‘this is probably related,’” Lawler said.

Investigators arrested the four men inside the SUV, who they believe to be involved in both shootings, and determined that the shootings were gang related.

As they spoke with witnesses, detectives learned that a couple of people involved may have fled to a nearby apartment.

When police asked the people in the apartment to come out, two did not, and officers eventually used a chemical agent, something such as pepper spray or tear gas, to empty the unit.

A man and woman came out and were taken to the police station for questioning, then released.

It’s not clear how or if they were involved in the shootings.

The Associated Press contributed to this report