Bail agent won’t be charged in shooting of suspect’s armed mother

A bail bondsman won’t face charges for fatally shooting the mother of a suspect he was trying to apprehend in April, the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office said Friday.

The bondsman shot 60-year-old Kathryn New after she pointed a pistol at him April 13 at her Graham home, investigators said.

Prosecutors decided not to file charges because they didn’t think they’d be able to successfully counter the bondsman’s self-defense claim if the case went to trial.

The bondsman and two colleague went to New’s home in search of her 30-year-old son, who had failed to show up to court for charges of malicious mischief and violating a no-contact order.

The Prosecutor’s Office gave this account of the shooting:

As the bondsmen detained the son, New yelled for them to leave and grabbed a pistol that she pointed at one of them. That agent told her to drop the gun at least 10 times, and she did lower the weapon.

But another bondsman then shocked New with a stun gun, and the man she’d pointed her pistol at earlier told investigators she raised the gun again, prompting him to fire twice.

New was hit and died later at a hospital.

The man who shot her is 45 and resigned from his job as a deputy from the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department six years ago amid an internal investigation. The News Tribune does not generally name persons who are not charged with a crime.