Parkland man charged with throwing dry ice bombs in neighbors’ yards

A man possibly mad at a former friend is accused of driving through a Parkland neighborhood and throwing dry ice bombs into people’s yards.

Pierce County prosecutors on Tuesday charged the 25-year-old man with intimidation or harassment with an explosive. He has not yet been arraigned.

The man was arrested April 29 after residents in the 700 block of 142nd Street South called 911 to report hearing several explosives.

Sheriff’s deputies discovered a man in a truck had tossed dry ice bombs made in two-liter plastic bottles into two yards.

One of the neighbors told deputies he recognized the man as a former friend he’d had a falling out with after the man stole a ladder from the neighbor and pawned it, according to charging papers.

When he spotted his former friend tossing the ice bombs, he grabbed his shotgun and threatened to shoot the man unless he drove away.

He said his former friend “was harassing him and hindering his lifestyle by throwing dry ice bombs into his and his neighbors’ yards,” according to the court records.

Deputies found the man in a nearby cul-de-sac and questioned him. He did not admit to throwing the ice bombs, but said he knew how to make them and asked who “told on him,” according to the documents.

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