Son arrested in stabbing of mother’s partner in Tacoma

A Tacoma man was taken to the hospital Saturday with critical injuries, including a stab wound so deep it went to his spine, after his partner’s son allegedly attacked him.

Michael Bivens Placid, 25, was charged Monday in Pierce County Superior Court with second-degree attempted murder and first-degree assault. Commissioner Meagan M. Foley set bail at $850,000.

The man is in satisfactory condition at St. Joseph Medical Center, according to a hospital spokesman.

Charging papers give this account:

Placid was at his mother’s apartment Saturday in the 300 block of East Wright Avenue. He had been evicted, but his mother let him stay with her and her partner.

His mother, who is in a wheelchair, was headed outside with her partner when Placid pushed her out the door and locked it.

Her partner later told police that Placid threw boiling water in his face and stabbed him around his head, neck and back “about 20 times” with a kitchen knife before running from the apartment.

When police arrived, the man was covered in blood and had neck wounds. He was taken to St. Joseph Medical Center with life-threatening injuries. A physician’s assistant told an officer one wound went as deep as his spine.

While interviewing neighbors, police saw Placid and arrested him. He was wearing blood-stained shorts and told police he’d ditched the knife and his shirt after he ran. Officers did not find the items Saturday.

Placid told police the other man had hit his mother “and stuff” and poisoned him and his mother.

He said he took the knife from the kitchen and “just swung at him a couple of times.” He said he hit the man with the knife in the back of the neck and around the chest.