Tacoma man pleads guilty in stolen-mail case, sentenced to 16 months

A Tacoma man must serve 16 months in prison after getting caught in Leavenworth with a bundle of stolen mail and identity papers.

Theodore Isaac Steigerwalt, who turns 25 Wednesday, pleaded guilty Monday to charges of second-degree identity theft, possession of stolen mail and possession of stolen property after his April 27 arrest. He and Sarina Ann Williams, 29, of Lakewood, were found by Chelan County sheriff’s deputies in a running taxi parked at an unoccupied house on East Leavenworth Road, carrying stolen mail and ID papers including at least one W-2 tax form.

The two had arrived in Leavenworth via the hired taxi, which drove them from Tukwila, deputies said. The mail and paperwork they carried appeared to belong to victims in the Auburn and Federal Way areas.

Both Steigerwalt and Williams had already been convicted in a Thurston County identity theft and forgery case in March. Williams was the first to plead guilty in the Leavenworth arrest, and received a 20-month sentence on stolen-property and ID theft charges last month.