A $647.50 lesson for schools: Scam features false invoices, victims nationwide

Schools, beware. There’s a scam afoot that could lose you some money.

The state Office of Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau have teamed to alert consumers concerning a false-invoice scam currently being foisted on schools and school districts in Washington and nationwide.

Some school employees, according to a release Tuesday, have reported receiving official-looking invoices from a company called “Scholastic School Supply.”

The invoices, often for math workbooks, are as phony as the company, which investigators have been unable to contact or quell.

All invoices are for the same amount - $647.50 – and contain realistic-looking but ultimately bogus identification data. Phone calls to the company have gone unanswered and email unreturned. The company is listed variously as located in New Jersey or Nevada, and is not chartered in either state, according to the release.

Complaints have been registered from consumers in 22 states, including from a school in Granite Falls, Washington. The Better Business Bureau reports 2,000 inquiries regarding the scam.