Bethel schools increase supervision of students in wake of school threats elsewhere

Bethel School District Superintendent Tom Seigel posted a note to Bethel families on the district Website in response to the recent school shooting in Marysville and subsequent school threats that have occurred throughout the South Sound.

His message, posted Friday morning, said that while there were no credible threats in Bethel schools as of that time, school officials recognize that there is increased anxiety among students, staff and families.

Seigel’s message says that the district is increasing supervision of students as a result. He pledged to investigate “any unusual occurrences, rumors, threats or ‘bad jokes’ to determine their credibility.” He also said that social media rumors can make the situation worse.

He asks parents to talk to their kids about the importance of telling an adult about behaviors that worry them, and reporting such information to school officials or to a Pierce County Sheriff’s deputy for prompt investigation.