Larry LaRue

Wimbergers nearing end of the Pacific Crest Trail

When Gus and Elena Wimberger and her boyfriend, Carter Chaffey, hit the Pacific Crest Trail at the Mexican border in May, the trip ahead was almost unimaginable.

Today, they're still on the trail – and have pounded out more than 2,400 miles. It hasn't been easy.

Carter was waylaid by a knee issue early on, then called home unexpectedly from Oregon. Gus has battled injury, too, having needed a few days to rest an ailing shin. Elena, fresh from college graduation, has battled blistered and minor ailments but hasn't missed a day.

Their blog is a fascinating read with often spectacular photographs. Their account of the trail is rich with the characters they've met, the emotions they've experienced and the exhaustion they've battled.

When they set out, one of their goals was to raise at least one dollar for each mile walked, to be donated to the Etta Project. Last week they surpassed that goal, hitting the $6,800 mark.

The two Tacoma siblings are within 300 miles of the Canadian border, having walked through desert heat, climbed mountains and - in the past week - battled rainstorms. Catch up with them on the blog.

It's been the adventure a a couple of young lifetimes.