Larry LaRue

Tacoma's second annual goalball tournament this weekend

Goalball, a sport created after World War II to help blinded veterans stay active, has since become a para-Olympic sport - and it's coming to Tacoma this weekend.

If you've never heard of or seen the sport, this is your chance to watch co-ed games for  blind and visually impaired athletes from across the Northwest.

On Saturday, games begin at 8 a.m. - yikes! - at the Topping Center Boys & Girls Club at 3875 S. 66th Street. On Sunday, games begin at the same time but will be played at Gray Middle School, 3109 S. 60th Street.

The game is played between two teams with three players each on a court, but if you want information on how it's played, best consult Wikipedia here.

The event is co-sponsored by Metro Parks Tacoma and the Northwest Association for Blind Athletes.