Larry LaRue

Spanaway 'House of Rats' on TV Wednesday

The Spanaway House of Rats, along with the woman whose hoarding fueled an explosion of rodents, will get its 15 minutes of fame Wednesday on The Learning Channel.

Hard to say what you'll learn on TLC's 'Buried Alive' tonight at 10, except that you'll be grateful you weren't living next door. 

Richard and Sharon Collins were, and back in January they were in a column after Sharon awoke in the middle of the night to count 11 rats 'dancing' between her home and her neighbor's.

Then, in April, TLC sensed ratings amongst the rodents. It sent a film crew, a psychologist, an exterminator and more than 10 men in haz-mat suits to begin a cleanup of the House of Rats. Yes, there was a column that day, too.

The Collins sat in camp chairs and watched as the junk came out of the house by the ton and the woman who'd once lived there tried to inspect each shovel full. One of the workers talked about the rats still inside.

It took truckload after truckload, and the distaste for watching the insanity filmed was tangible. Still, if you're curious or enjoy programs like this - there are plenty of them - you might want to tune in.

Today, Sharon Collins said, they hadn't seen a rat in months. The outside of the house looks good, she said, although the garage remains impassible and the woman hoarder has moved back in.

The new owners of the home, a pair of Canadian brothers, couldn't be reached for comment.