Larry LaRue

On strokes, Scotch Broom & friendship

The column today on Ed Kane, who suffered a stroke last month while pulling Scotch Broom on a hillside, had a happy ending because a stranger, Josh Bero, found him.

Kane, 76, not only survived but today has no symptoms from the Oct. 25 stroke. And both he and Bero consider themselves fortunate to have met one another, regardless the situation.

Kane was lucky in that he recognized almost immediately he'd had a stroke - while cursing himself, he realized he was babbling incomprehensibly. That's one sign.

There are others, and Kane wisely wanted to pass them along to everyone. One of many websites you can visit is this one. Not only will it inform you of warning signs, it will allow you to download an app for your cell phone.

Ah, progress.

And in the mail today were plenty of folks who have battled the evils of Scotch Broom, an invasive weed. There are plenty of websites and this one says 'each plant can produce up to 40,000 seeds that can survive in the ground through drought and fire.'


And finally, a word about friendship. Ed Kane and Josh Bero found it, though one is 76-years-old and the other 35. Once they sat down to chat, they told one another their life stories, talked about goals and wives ...

It's a reminder not to limit those around us, to think of any stranger as too old, too young, too conservative, too liberal. It's a holiday season. Say something kind to someone you've never met, strike up a small conversation.

It may lead nowhere, it might produce a friend. Ed and Josh met in a crisis. Why wait for one of those?