Larry LaRue

An update on Ellie Walton's fight with cancer

Little Ellie Walton had her first operation to remove a cancerous brain tumor before she was five months old, and had a second before her first birthday.

The chemotherapy was vicious each of the two times she endured it, and Ellie and her family were the subject of an August column.

Now nearly 11 months old, Ellie Walton is living life at her own pace - not the one doctors laid out for her. Parents Sarah and Kyle Walton were told their youngest daughter would be slow to roll over, to sit up, to mature.

Ellie's response? She's now walking in small bursts.

That's the good news. It's not all good. Chemo causes Ellie to throw up, and she has trouble eating or sleeping. Sarah says Ellie's arms and legs shake with the pain.

There are medical bills that seem overwhelming to the family, but they have had friends and strangers help them. 

If you're a Facebook participant, you can follow Ellie's battle - and 'like' - the page 'Prayers for Ellie Walton.'

Her mother, a professional photographer, posts photos often. They'll make you smile and, occasionally, break your heart.