Larry LaRue

Need a little help signing up for health care? You're in luck

There have been Affordable Care Act website problems for two months, though in Pierce County - where residents use the Washington state exchange - 18,439 folks have signed up for health care since Oct. 1.

On Saturday, at 13 Pierce County locations, there will be live 'assisters' at each site to guide you through any questions as you sign up for health insurance.

So, if you're afraid of computers or health insurance, or afraid of computers and health insurance, today between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. there's free help.

Below are the 13 locations, and telephone numbers, of the sites offering to help you enroll:

South Sound Outreach

1106 Martin Luther King Jr Way

(253) 593-2111

Community Health Care

East Tanbara Health Center

1708 E 44th Street

(253) 722-2154

Hilltop Regional Health Center

1202 Martin Luther King Jr. Way

(253) 722-2154

Lakewood Library

6300 Wildaire Rd. SW

 (253) 847-2304

Planned Parenthood

1515 Martin Luther King Jr. Way Tacoma, WA 98405

(206) 320-7610

Planned Parenthood (Puyallup)

702 30th Ave. SW

(206) 320-7610

Sea Mar Community Health Care

2121 S 19th St.

(855) 289-4503

Sea Mar Community Health Care (Puyallup)

10217 125th St. Court E

(855) 289-4503

Asia Pacific Cultural Center

4851 South Tacoma Way

(253) 383-3900

Eatonville Family Agency

305 W. Center St.

(360) 832-6805

Brown Tones Productions/HELP

Bethlehem Baptist Church

4818 Portland Ave.

(253) 238-3642

Korean Women’s Association

123 East 96th St.

(253) 535-4202

AARTH Ministry

Roosevelt Heights Church

4819 South 12th St.