Larry LaRue

Have a grandfather who fought in the Civil War? Norman Camp is looking for you

Norman Camp is wondering if anyone in the Northwest is like him.

No, not just 81-years-old - Camp is searching for others who had a grandfather who fought in the Civil War.

"There can't be many of us," Camp said.

Casmp's grandfather, Alexander Campbell Camp, was born in 1836 and fought for the North as a sergeant with the 18th Indiana volunteers. He was a blacksmith by trade.

Camp's father, Don Hall Camp, was born in 1880 and worked as a station master and telegrapher.

Hall was born in 1933 and after years as a mechanic, went back to school and became an electrical technician for Tacoma City Light.

"I'm more curious than anything," Hall said. "I've been doing a little research and began to wonder how many people have similar stories. I'd like to talk to them."

It's a simple request, and if you or someone you know fits the description, you can reach Hall at (253) 380-8643