Larry LaRue

Lincoln High senior Tae McKenzie wins state Boys & Girls Club title

Tae McKenzie, a 17-year-old Hilltop student representing the Al Davies Boys & Girls Club chapter, has won the organizations state Youth of the Year award.

McKenzie was the subject of a March 10 column after winning the club's South Puget Sound Youth of the Year, a title that included a $3,000 scholarship.

This week, competing with club members from around Washington, McKenzie's win netted another $3,500 - and the chance to compete in California in July for the Pacific Region Youth of the Year.

McKenzie is a senior at Lincoln High School, where she is the student body president. Growing up the daughter of a single mom, she was estranged from a father who lives in Seattle.

She has said the Boys & Girls Club became like a family for her, and now mentors younger members while planning which college she'll attend next fall.