Larry LaRue

Those Wilson High Killdeer eggs hatched

Nature has taken its course at Wilson High School, with more than a little help from students and faculty.

A column last weekend covered the case of a Killdeer couple who'd made a nest over spring break in an on-campus pothole that drew heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Science teacher Tom Fergin protected the nest by placing traffic cones and police crime scene tape around that pothole, with the cooperation of principal Dan Besett.

When Fergin sought volunteers to watch over the nest, sophomore doubles tennis partners Taya Glaude and Genesis Brown took on the responsibility for a nest with three eggs.

Well, the eggs have hatched - and the young Killdeer are roaming the grass fields of Wilson High School, looking like smaller, fuzzier versions of their parents.

It would have been easier, certainly, to shoo off the birds. And like kids anywhere, all it would have taken would have been one maverick to destroy the nest, steal the eggs.

At Wilson, they took a kinder, gentler approach, and the results are happily chirping in the grass on campus. Congrats to everyone involved.

Including the parents, who Glaude and Genesis named Charon and Chawn.