Larry LaRue

The Deacons do a PLU encore - 52 years later

Rock and Roll never dies, and by good fortune, neither have any of The Deacons - a local band that rocked the '60s and is making something of a comeback.

All five original members have remained friends, five decades after the band was broken up by the draft and Vietnam.

A column on the group and its members ran in April, and among those who took notice were the good folks at Pacific Lutheran University, where four of the five Deacons went to school.

As a result, The Deacons will play two 45-minute sets at PLU's Oct. 4 homecoming in Olson Auditorium. Details are still a work in progress but, accept for a pair of hand reunions, this will be The Deacons first real gig since '68.

The band - Jim Sola, John Radke, Michael Boyd, John Sandvig and Dave Luther - will be practicing their setlist at home, since most are scattered about the country. 

Nicest part? They're playing for nothing, with all proceeds of the event going to PLU. Good guys, good band.