Larry LaRue

Would you take a pie for a child? Please do!

I haven’t given a lot of thought to whipped cream pies since the heyday of Soupy Sales - which was about 50 years ago.

Then Sarah and Kyle Walton held a ‘Whip Childhood Cancer’ party in Spanaway, in honor of their daughter. Ellie Walton won’t turn two until December, and she’s already had five major cancer surgeries.

So I went and joined a conga line of 21 people who took and delivered one pie to the face to call attention to Childhood Cancer Awareness.

The whole thing was corny and messy and didn’t bother me a bit.

The question was: Would you take a pie for a child?

My response: Damn right.

If taking a pie makes one of the millions of children fighting cancer smile, that’s a win. If it makes anyone more aware of the disease hitting kids and families daily, all the better.

Taking a pie to the face won’t cure cancer. It likely won’t save a single child. But it might lead to that.

So I took my pie and will likely get another later this week.

I challenge my friends and co-workers to do the same. Just say ‘Let’s whip childhood cancer’ and close your eyes. Me, I wore sunglasses.

If you know a child or family dealing with this, take the challenge. If you’re a reader whose enjoyed my column over the last two years - or 25 years of Seattle Mariners coverage before that - grab a pie.

And if money is a problem, here’s an offer you can’t refuse. Take a pie for a child, I’ll reimburse you the cost of the whipped cream. And if you send me the video, I’ll post it here on the website, and on Facebook.

Do it with a little flair. Soupy would be proud.