The Nose

The Nose: Wonder if Russell Wilson is going to “Do the Pu-Wa-Wup”?

With football season in full gear and the Mariners in the throes of a supernatural phenomenon known as “a pennant race,” the Nose occasionally can be found on our butt in front of the telly.

Some say this makes us a Buttnose. Others say we’re wasting our time with mindless, hopeless pursuits.

But it’s actually quite amazing the number of profound observations that can be formed and critical life questions that can be posed from this view on the couch. Such as:

•  Did Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson really call Puyallup “


in a Look Larson automobile commercial on Sunday before the Hawks-Chargers game?

We took it to the instant replay booth and, after five reviews, the fumbled pronunciation was confirmed.

A 15-yard penalty should be assessed for offensive language.

Wilson is young, and he’s still learning, and hopefully he never tries to channel Barbara Walters again.

•  On Saturday, Fox Sports cut to a college game that an announcer said was being played in “T-Town.”

We were immediately excited to see Tacoma on national TV. “Hurray! PLU highlights!” we thought. (Even though the Lutes play in nearby Puy-wa-wup.)

Alas, the network instead cut to the Alabama game being played in Tuscaloosa.

Note to Fox: There’s only one true T-Town in America, and you’d better believe it doesn’t have “Loosa” in its name.

Coug pride sinks to new lows: WSU unveiled its new sports complex before the Portland State game in Pullman last weekend.

One of the first things you see when you enter the facility? A gaping hole in the trophy case. An empty shelf is reserved for where the Apple Cup should be and might return, someday.

Wow, that's quite the sales pitch for football recruits to the Palouse.

Then again, what else is Wazzu gonna woo them with? A conference championship trophy from 2002?

Of all the nerve!: We sniffed our county prosecutor playing footsie with another news outlet this week.

Mark Lindquist, lifetime chairman of the Molly Ringwald Fan Club, penned an op-ed in The Seattle Times about private phones and public records and dystopian societies and Orson Welles’ movies.

And about annoying lawsuits.

Maybe Mark Mark pointedly avoided the local fishwrap (and an audience of his own constituents) because we’d notice the stuff he left out.

Like, that he's the one getting sued, and the records came from his phone.

And last week, the state Court of Appeals ruled unanimously that his phone records must be scrutinized more closely.

Maybe we’re bumpkins down here in Methlehem, but we’re sharp enough to catch the whiff of clever lawyering.

Talk about your right wings: Hobby Lobby, the crafts and home décor giant known for its conservative politics, will soon open a store on the site of the former Top Foods grocery in Central Tacoma.

Because we love a good party, this week we asked a company district manager if there would be a grand opening celebration.

Yes, he said, there would be.

We asked if there would be snacks.

He responded by asking if Tacoma has a certain restaurant nearby.


Well, you know what they say about birds of a feather.

But will there be free bags of Doritos?: We sniffed with amusement after reading an item on the Biz page in Thursday’s Trib. As part of a larger cannabusiness conference in Seattle this weekend, the hosts are holding a job fair for folks interested in the marijuana trade.

From noon to 4 p.m.


Future industry leaders can sleep in until 11:30, and go home in plenty of time to get baked by 4:20.

The event will be held Friday (Sept. 19) at the Capitol Hill Silver Cloud Hotel.

Converted, for one weekend only, to the Purple Haze Hotel.