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The Nose: Everything you want to know about Tacoma history, including some true stuff

Pinch yourself, Tacoma. Grit City is suddenly America’s “It” City.

So cool, Microsoft will soon have a video game named after you. So hip, an online-ranking service listed you as one of America’s best college towns. (More on those recognitions later.)

And so divine, you’re reaping the blessings of the giant tent revival meeting down the road at Chambers Bay.

This celebration of hero worship is drawing everyone’s eyes on you — the national media, the global golf glitterati, the legions of Father’s-Day-weekend couch potatoes. Not to mention the endless motorcade of weary souls who stare at your skyline for hours while stuck in traffic.

Listen close, and you’ll hear the world crying out as one voice: “Tell us more about your extraordinary city! We want to know everything about Tacoma!”

The Nose, as always, aims to please. (Sadly, with no better aim than when we sneeze.)

So today, as the warmup act for the city’s second annual “You Think You Know Tacoma” Trivia Night, we present a quiz that will educate visitors and maybe even challenge some natives. For example:

Galloping Gertie was the nickname of:

Most of the questions won’t be that easy.

Take your time, and take as many mulligans as you’d like.

1. What remarkable pet with a singular talent once resided at the historic Tacoma Hotel?:

2. Which of the these world-famous taste treats had its origins in Tacoma?

3. In the 1800s, Tacoma men approved a law governing the size of what?


4. What movie starring Heath Ledger was filmed in Tacoma?

5. What famous Tacoman remains active as a ghost, according to legend?

6. The century-old vertical-lift bridge in downtown Tacoma, sometimes known as the 11th Street Bridge, was named in honor of whom?

7. The Tacoma lumber company Fred Tebb & Sons provides wood for what musical instrument?

Oh yeah, about that Tacoma video game: It’s being developed right now for release on Xbox machines in 2016.

The game will take players aboard a spacecraft called Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma, which is found abandoned for mysterious reasons and floating 200,000 miles from Earth.

Gee, maybe we shouldn’t be so honored after all.

And about those college rankings: A data-ranking website called City Described scores Tacoma as the 50th best college town in America, based on livability, culture, job opportunities and other factors.

Among the things that make it appealing, the site says: “Tacoma is sometimes known as America’s Gayest City.” Also: “A number of companies call Tacoma home including Boeing.” And finally: “Light rail runs through the downtown and connects all the way to Seattle.”

We’d sure like to hang out in this version of Tacoma. Wherever it is.