Traffic Q&A: New bike-friendly road markings explained

Question: There seems to be a new traffic pattern on Division Avenue near Wright Park in Tacoma, but I'm confused how to navigate around the bike lanes. What is the green pavement for? Why can't I turn left onto Division Avenue from South G Street anymore? — Kim, Tacoma

Answer: The area is part of a city project that includes 13 miles of striped bike lanes, crosswalks and flashing beacons along a north-south path through Tacoma, said Brennan Kidd, a transportation engineer with the city.

New street markings include “sharrows,” which show where cars and bicycles share a lane. Green pavement in the bike lane, Kidd said, “is used to increase driver awareness of bicyclist activity.”

It also helps cyclists remember that drivers could be turning right through the bike lane.

There also is a new crosswalk, or “cross-bike,” as Kidd calls it, at South G Street and Division Avenue. It allows cyclists to cross with a signal instead of waiting on a gap in traffic.

To keep pedestrians and cyclists safe, vehicles can only turn right onto Division Avenue from South G Street, Kidd said.