Yes, Donald Trump really wore overalls and sang ‘Green Acres’ at the Emmys, he reminds us

In case you missed it, President Donald Trump signed a $867 billion farm bill on Thursday.

And in case you missed this, too, he marked the event by reminding us that he wore overalls and a straw hat, and held on to a pitchfork to sing the “Green Acres” theme song at the 2005 Emmys.

Green acres is the place for me

Farm livin’ is the life for me

Land spreadin’ out so far and wide

Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside

That was “Will & Grace” star Megan Mullally at his side.

When Mullally saw Trump’s throwback Thursday tweet, she responded with a couple of her own.

The first said: “omg.”

Billboard called Trump’s “trip down memory lane” bizarre, and Mullally’s Hollywood friends tweeted their sympathy.

How did the future leader of the free world come to sing “Green Acres”?

In 2005, the Emmys show featured a bit called “Emmy Idol” — a spin on “American Idol” — where pairs of celebrities performed classic TV theme songs and viewers voted for their favorite, PopSugar wrote last year when it unearthed the “cringe-worthy” clip.

“So Trump didn’t bounce on stage at the Emmys like an awkward dad trying to learn the ‘Cha Cha Slide’ at a bar mitzvah for no reason ... he did it for a victory,” the pop culture website wrote.

“It may have been a simpler time then, when our POTUS was simply attending the Emmys for The Apprentice, but his trophy-obsessed personality was so clearly the same.”

Trump’s reality show, “The Apprentice,” was nominated for three Emmys that year, including “Outstanding Reality-Competition Program,” according to IMDB.

It lost.

The show, in fact, never won any of the Emmys it was nominated for. Trump blamed the losses on “politics.”

“The Emmys are all politics, that’s why, despite nominations, The Apprentice never won — even though it should have many times over,” he tweeted in 2012.

But Trump and Mullally won “Emmy Idol” with their “Green Acres” performance. She talked about it with Stephen Colbert in December 2016.

“See this photo? Otherwise known as my suicide note,” she said when Colbert showed a photo of her onstage with Trump. She performed as her “Will & Grace” character, boozy socialite Karen Walker, who is a Trump supporter on the show.

In real life, Mullally is not.

“I worked with him,” she told Colbert

“So any chance you’re going to get a Cabinet position?” Colbert asked.

“Do you have a barf bag back there?” she said.

“He really wanted to win it because people were calling in to vote. He wanted to win it,” she explained. “So, we won it . . . the next day ... I was in my ‘Will & Grace’ dressing room, and the phone rang and it was Donald Trump.

“And he said: ‘You know what? We really needed to win that thing, and we did. And you were a big part of that, so I just wanted to say that we really needed to win it, and not only did we win it, but I hear we killed them. It was a landslide.’”

“He’s still looking for a secretary of agriculture,” Colbert told her.