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Tacoma mayor’s race adds another name: Former PDC head Evelyn Lopez

Evelyn Lopez, the former executive director of the state Public Disclosure Commission, is running for mayor of Tacoma.

In a Wednesday news release, Lopez said she wants to highlight “her leadership experience, passion for open and ethical government, and commitment to a transparent public process.”

She also took a stand on the proposed liquefied natural gas plant that’s being planned for the Tideflats.

“We need better management from our leaders and a commitment to doing the people’s work,” she said. “Tacoma is on the brink of enormous change. We need smart growth in mixed-used areas like Stadium and around the mall. We also need leaders with the backbone to say no to projects like the LNG plant.”

Lopez said she left the PDC on April 30. She had held her position there since October 2015, according to her resume. Prior to that, she was an assistant attorney general in the state Attorney General’s Office.

Lopez told the Associated Press in March that she was considering pursuing local politics in Tacoma when she announced she’d be stepping down.

Prior to leaving her post at the PDC, Republicans asked her to step down, accusing her of being too political for the job.

She also was criticized by the Port of Tacoma for appearing biased after she made social media postings that shared her views opposing the methanol plant that was proposed for Tacoma’s Tideflats.

Lopez joins former Councilwoman Victoria Woodards and local architect Jim Merritt in a now three-way race for mayor.

Lopez’s resume says she graduated from University of Washington School of Law in 1988, and before that, got a bachelor’s degree from University of California at Irvine.

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