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Tacoma council seeks volunteers to write charter review amendment “for” and “against” statements

Last month, the Tacoma City Council selected a dozen city charter review reforms for further discussion and possible inclusion in this fall’s ballot.

Now the council seeks volunteers to write the pro and con statements for potential charter review amendments on this fall’s ballot. The information will be included in a voters’ guide for the Nov. 4 election.

Applications are due 5 p.m. Monday, July 7, in the City Clerk’s Office at 733 Market St., Room 11 or emailed to charterreview@cityoftacoma.org.

If you want to volunteer, submit a letter of interest including which item or items you are advocating for or against.

A list of the dozen proposed amendments can be found on the city’s charter review website.

The City Council will select on Tuesday, July 15 which amendments voters will decide this fall. Other amendments could be held to future elections.

Amendments include extending term limits for City Council and the mayor. Currently, someone can serve up to 10 consecutive years as mayor or council member. The proposal would ask voters to keep the 10-year limit for council members while allowing an additional two terms to anyone who become mayor.

Voters could also decide whether the council should be able to reconfirm the appointment of the Tacoma Public Utilities director every two years.

There are also some “housekeeping” items in the list, including changing the charter to comply with state law in elections and anti-discrimination issues. Another proposed amendment removes residency as a requirement for employment from the charter.

Last month the city also decided against further discussion on changing the city’s form of government. In May, the Charter Review Committee voted 9-6 in favor of such a move.

On July 16, a subcommittee of the City Council will review letters of interest in the “for” and “against” committees and forward its recommendations to the City Council.

On July 22, the City Council will consider a resolution appointing the "for" and "against" committees.

For more information about charter review, visit cityoftacoma.org/charterreview.