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Rep. Denny Heck undergoes surgery to remove gallbladder

U.S. Rep. Denny Heck was hospitalized and had surgery to remove a gallbladder Sunday, aides said Monday. The first-term Democrat from Olympia was expected to return home from the hospital later in the day.

“The surgery was a success and Congressman Heck is expected to return to his congressional duties within a few days,” Heck’s office added in a news release. “Congressman Heck expressed his appreciation to the excellent health care staff at St. Peter Hospital, including his surgeon, Dr. Chris Griffith.”

The surgery was at Providence St. Peter Hospital in Olympia. It had been “tentatively scheduled for next month but based on his symptoms, the doctor recommended they move it up,” Heck spokeswoman Kati Rutherford said in an email.

Rutherford did not offer details, and Heck made no mention of his medical condition during his quarterly meeting with The Olympian’s editorial board Friday.

Heck is running for re-election in the 10th Congressional District that runs from Olympia to Shelton, Puyallup, and University Place. He is challenged by Pierce County Council member Joyce McDonald, a Republican from Puyallup; Jennifer Gigi Ferguson, an independent from University Place; and Sam Wright, the Human Rights Party founder from Olympia.