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Thurston Judge Sutton is moving to the state Court of Appeals early

Lisa Sutton, a judge in Thurston County Superior Court since 2010, is moving up to the Court of Appeals early. Gov. Jay Inslee appointed Sutton to the Division II position she was already running for unopposed this summer.

The appointment takes effect Oct. 1 in the court division that serves Thurston County and five other counties including the Olympic Peninsula.

“Lisa has a great reputation for her work both on and off the bench,” Inslee said in a news release last month. “She brings a strong commitment to serving the public and promoting justice. I know she’ll be an effective judge for this region.”

Sutton will be on the November ballot running unopposed for the position Judge J. Robin Hunt of Bainbridge Island held for nearly 18 years; Hunt retires at the end of September.

Sutton was first appointed to the Superior Court bench in November 2010, then won re-election twice. She served as a pro tem Family Court commissioner during 1997-2003 and also worked 24 years for the Attorney General’s Office, including as senior trial attorney and supervisor in the torts division.

Sutton’s campaign had lined up endorsements from eight current Supreme Court judges and it released a statement from Judge Hunt:

“Judge Sutton brings a blend of trial judge experience and appellate advocacy, seasoned judicial temperament, nimble intellect, and common sense,” Hunt said. “I was delighted when, after careful deliberation, she decided to run for election to the spot left open by my retirement. My Division II colleagues and I are grateful to Governor Inslee for appointing her to begin the day after my retirement to ensure a smooth transition for resolving the court's many important cases.”