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A month in, marijuana sales at $3.6 million

Washington’s month-old legal marijuana market is moving ahead in fits and starts, with inventory still scarce.

State-licensed growers, processors and stores took in $3.6 million over the first 30 days of sales between July 8 and August 6, the most recent available numbers.

On top of that was a 25 percent tax that goes to state government: $899,000.

Those figures don’t include regular sales taxes and business taxes that flow to state and local governments.

The state Liquor Control Board has now issued licenses to roughly 200 applicants.

Some 150 of those are producers, approved to grow roughly 1.5 million square feet of plants at a time. But only a fraction of them have been licensed and operational long enough to grow, harvest, dry, process, package and ship their crop.

That means many of the 40 licensed stores haven’t been able to secure enough pot to open.

The licensed retailers include four in Tacoma and one each in Olympia, Lacey and Yelm — and just one in the state’s biggest city of Seattle.