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Smell test: Mailer misleads voters on history of Stambaugh’s residency

Less than a week before the election, supporters of Melanie Stambaugh — who’s running against Democratic Rep. Dawn Morrell for a state House seat in the 25th Legislative District — are upset about a mailer criticizing the Republican candidate’s commitment to the Puyallup area.

The claim: The flier — which Morrell’s campaign accepted as an in-kind contribution from the Washington state Democratic party — lists a comparison chart with several points about both candidates, including an allegation that Stambaugh “moved from Seattle less than a year ago to run for office.” A similar claim has been made in a television advertisement sponsored by the Committee to Elect Dawn Morrell.

The facts: Stambaugh lived in Seattle for nearly three years while attending the University of Washington, where she finished classes early in fall 2012.

Stambaugh, an Emerald Ridge High School graduate and former Daffodil Festival queen, told The News Tribune that she moved back to Puyallup in June 2012 and took the Sounder to classes for her last quarter.

While she’s wanted to run for public office since junior high, she added, it wasn’t her reason for moving back to her hometown.

“Never once did I anticipate coming home to run for office,” she said Friday.

Conclusion: Unfounded. Stambaugh says she moved back to the 25th District from Seattle more than two years ago, well before filing to run against Morrell.