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Pierce County Council approves stricter regulation of adult magazine, DVD sales

The Pierce County Council gave initial approval Tuesday to tightening regulations so that sexually explicit DVDs can't be sold with adult magazines or by themselves in convenience stores.

Sexually explicit magazines also must be displayed in racks behind sales counters or in locked display cases.

The council voted 5-2 along party lines to move forward with the changes sponsored by Councilman Jim McCune, R-Graham. After review by the planning department and planning commission, a proposal will return to the council next summer for final approval.

McCune said the changes are needed to protect people from pornography, which he said is addictive. Councilwoman Joyce McDonald, R-Puyallup, said the revisions are necessary to protect children.

Council members Connie Ladenburg and Rick Talbert, both Tacoma Democrats, voted against the resolution. Ladenburg said the council has more important priorities to address, such as crime. Talbert said he was troubled the changes represent a “fixation” on individual morality issues.

Pat Burgess, McCune’s sister and president of Concerned Citizens of Pierce County, had filed complaints with the county early this year about convenience stores in the Parkland, Spanaway and Graham areas selling pornographic magazines and videos, sometimes together.

Current code doesn’t address the bundling of adult DVDs and magazines and doesn’t prohibit outright the sale of adult DVDs and videos in convenience stores.

The council’s Public Safety and Human Services Committee on Monday will consider two other proposals from McCune regulating adult businesses, including one requiring the county to educate strip club dancers about domestic violence and human sex trafficking.