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Callaghan: ‘I go away for six months, and you make Hannibal Lecter the governor?’

Former News Tribune columnist Peter Callaghan made a surprise appearance of sorts this week in his hometown.

The Stadium High grad had long moderated the City Club of Tacoma’s popular legislative preview night before moving to Minnesota last year. He spent nearly three decades at The News Tribune before leaving Tacoma to join his wife, Suki Dardarian, in Minneapolis. He now writes for MinnPost.

In his absence, City Club renamed the annual “Callaghan and Friends” event “Friends of Callaghan” for his former reporter colleagues (including the News Tribune’s Jordan Schrader) who continue to appear. But Callaghan still found a way to show up, delivering a taped monologue for the soldout crowd.

In it, Callaghan pokes fun at both Washington and his new home state, but mostly the latter. And Ronnie Bush of City Club accomplishes a rare feat, trapping Callaghan into accepting public recognition (although we’re not quite sure for what since she hadn’t had time to get the plaque engraved yet.)