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Restaurant owner Blondin announces bid for Tacoma District 3 race

Tacoma restaurant owner Kris Blondin announced Thursday that she will run for Tacoma City Council District 3.

Blondin owns two restaurants: Stink and El Tufo Wine Bar, both in the St. Helens neighborhood.

She joins several others who seek to follow Councilwoman Lauren Walker, whose second and final term expires this year. This is Blondin’s first run for elective office.

Blondin, 49, said in a press release that she wants to focus on streets and road repair, public safety and quality of life.

She graduated from the University of Washington in 2000 with a degree in interdisciplinary arts and sciences. She lives in Central Tacoma.

Blondin is the first woman to announce her candidacy in any Tacoma City Council race. Others running for District 3 include Justin Leighton, Keith Blocker, Tom McCarthy and Valentine Smith. Three others have filed paperwork with the Public Disclosure Commission but have not formally announced a candidacy.

District 3 includes the Tacoma Mall area, the Hilltop neighborhood, and parts of the Central and South End neighborhoods.

Her press release continues:

Blondin plans use her experience as a small business owner and community activist to bring the diverse viewpoints of the district together to benefit the area’s residents and businesses.

“Our district has important issues that need to be addressed. Our district is diverse and it is imperative we bring people together to find solutions,” said Kris Blondin. “As a councilwoman, I hope to work collectively to allow everyone’s voice to be heard on significant concerns in this city.”

She went on to address several of those issues, including:

• Streets and road repair: “Residents and businesses are tired of potholes in this city,” said Blondin. “We need to cooperatively work to find real solutions.”

• Public safety: “We need to ensure the city has the right level of police officers, firefighters and other first responders to eliminate crime and protect our residents.”

• Quality of life: “The Third District best captures the spirit of Tacoma,” said Blondin, “due to being centrally located in the heart of Tacoma. If our district does well, so does the rest of Tacoma.”