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‘I was almost an hour early for work’

We asked members of The News Tribune’s News Network how their commute went. Here are some of their comments:

My commute over the new bridge was great. I wanted to honk and wave at all the bridge workers, it was so nice. However, I have a feeling a lot of people took the day off for fear of gridlock. The next weeks will be more telling. I don’t think we’ll really know the difference until school starts in the fall.

Sue Meland, Gig Harbor

At 9:30 a.m. I crossed the bridge going 55 mph and honking all the way for good luck. Took a minute this morning to tape the transponder on with paper backing it. Worked fine. I did two other errands after my appointment to get my money’s worth on the toll.

Patty Kennedy, Gig Harbor

The commute was actually very easy. The tollbooth traffic did not back up the rest of us who have the transponders. I am also happy with the transition where Good To Go fast lane merges with the toll-paying customers. The first day went smooth as silk. Let’s see how the return trip goes. The true test for these two bridges will come in September when school starts and the traffic volume increases.

Christopher Naegele,

South Kitsap County

The commute at 5:30 a.m. was smooth sailing all the way to I-5. There’s some confusion with some of the signage on the western approach to the bridge, however. There’s a sign immediately after the Olympic Drive overpass indicating Good To Go subscribers should use the left two lanes. As you approach the bridge there’s a sign that says do not change lanes, immediately followed by a sign that designates the left lane as an HOV lane only. They need to get rid of the conflicting signage.

Terry M. Reddick

I went through this a.m. thinking it would be busy but I went through so fast I was almost an hour early for work at Fort Lewis. Now I am worried about the trip home and that mess I will face after a long, hot day.

Jane Mouatassim, Key Peninsula

I crossed at 9:45 a.m. Went from Gig Harbor to Jackson on the Tacoma side. Smooth as silk. No delays. No dangerous merging traffic. My lane on the bridge was exit only, and it couldn’t have been easier.

George Kuniyoshi, Gig Harbor

I traveled on the new Tacoma Narrows bridge today, but it was around noon, so there wasn’t a lot of traffic either way. I was impressed with the condition of the roads, leading up to and off the bridge. The person at the toll booth was very pleasant and even advised me that they do accept credit cards for the toll.

Gloria Nolley, Lakewood

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