Special Reports

Ahhhh! A sea monster!

Point Defiance plays a bit part in the great sea monster story of 1893. According to a July 3 article published in The Daily Ledger, a group of fisherman intending to drop anchor off Point Defiance ended up heading toward Black Fish Bay to escape a strong wind that came up.

That's where they had the scare of their lives.

"An electric monster, flashes of light and terrible sounds emitted by one in the bay," the headline read. "W.L. McDonald Struck senseless in Attempting to Rescue a Shocked Comrade. Nearly 150 Feel Long and Covered With Course hair - A Fishing Party's Trip Cut Short."

An unnamed fisherman is quoted extensively in the newspaper article.

He described the "demon of the deep" as a fish "fully 150 feet long" with a head like a walrus and six large, round eyes the size of dinner plates.

"Since the creation of the world I doubt if sounds and sights more horrible were ever seen or heard by mortal man," he said.

The men survived the experience and the incident has been cited in various articles over the years about sea serpents of the Pacific Northwest.