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British firm moves into SafeHarbor's 2nd building

The second building in the Satsop Development Park built for SafeHarbor Technology Corp. has a new tenant.

That means SafeHarbor is off the hook for much of the $70,000 in monthly rent it was paying for the empty office space.

Qinetiq, a technology security company, will move into the 43,000-square-foot building in June. The company will pay a little more than $54,000 a month for the two-story building. SafeHarbor will make up the difference.

"The PDA will be made whole no matter what happens," PDA lawyer Art Blauvelt said.

The office building was constructed in 2001 to accommodate SafeHarbor's rapid growth. The company moved out of the offices five months after moving in as the dot-com bubble burst.

SafeHarbor Chief Executive Officer Brian Sterling said SafeHarbor has an interest in leasing back space when needed. He anticipates the Internet company starting to hire again in the coming months and possibly outgrowing its space. SafeHarbor has 185 workers and room for 35 more.

Qinetiq is a subsidiary of the British government's defense research and development agency. Its U.S. headquarters are in Massachusetts.

Qinetiq provides security research, hacking investigation, education and training and other services. The Satsop office will monitor customer's network traffic and advise them of some potential risks that traffic presents.

A couple of dozen workers will be hired to work for Qinetip in Satsop. The office could have between 60 and 75 workers by the end of the year.

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