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'Closer to Home' shows year's changes

The distance helps lessen the pain.

On the West Coast, our skylines rise as they always have. Our remote places still feel innocent. The Pentagon, though battered, still stands as our distant symbol of unprecedented military power.

Since Sept. 11, the Closer to Home series has followed the lives of several of our neighbors as they faced historic times. The final installment finds them changed in many ways.

A husband and wife - both pilots at McChord Air Force Base - will leave the military.

A church board member hopes America searches its soul before turning on Iraq. An Auburn bookstore owner buries himself in the work he loves.

A former Foss High School history teacher pursues a career in documentary filmmaking. And a local Afghan American family seeks to bolster its faith.

All of them are worrying, struggling, laughing, working, dreaming. And moving on.

Their stories begin on A8


SUNDAY: South Sound residents weigh the changes in their lives since the attacks.

MONDAY: Accepting the burden of increased precautions to gain a sense of safety.

TODAY: Final installment of Closer to Home series.

WEDNESDAY: Looking back at the day that tore into the heart of a nation.

THURSDAY: From ground zero to the South Sound, we remember.