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Brame judge orders specific allegations

People and governments being sued for Crystal Brame's death need more information about what they're accused of doing wrong, a judge ruled Tuesday.

King County Superior Court Judge James Cayce told Paul Luvera and David Beninger, attorneys for Crystal Brame's family, that they have to write more detailed complaints within 30 days.

Crystal Brame's parents, sister and children have sued the City of Tacoma, Pierce County, former City Manager Ray Corpuz, Mayor Bill Baarsma and former assistant police chief Catherine Woodard.

The lawsuit broadly says officials caused Brame's death by giving her husband, Tacoma Police Chief David Brame, power and a gun and then ignoring signs he was out of control.

David Brame fatally shot his wife and himself April 26, 2003.

Dan Hamilton, attorney for the county, asked the judge to dismiss the case against his client because Luvera's firm had provided little information about specific allegations.

Luvera and Beninger said the county has access to the investigation that implicates them.

Cayce didn't dismiss the case, but said that reading the complaints, he'd had some of the same questions the defendants did.

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