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Children will get Brame pension

The Brame children will be eligible for their father's pension and potentially his deferred compensation package.

They also might be eligible for money from the state crime victims' assistance program, because their father, Tacoma Police Chief David Brame, fatally shot their mother, Crystal, on April 26.

Brame then committed suicide.

The two children will have the option of receiving 150 percent of his pension in a lump sum now or as monthly payments until each becomes an adult.

"It's a choice to be made by their guardian," said Steve Nelsen, spokesman for the state Department of Retirement Systems.

Nelsen said he could not provide figures concerning Brame's situation but said the money in his deferred compensation account will go to his designated beneficiary.

If that person no longer is alive, the money will go into his estate and will be divided according to Brame's will, Nelsen said.

The children also could be entitled to benefits through the crime victims' assistance program. Their eligibility depends on whether their parents had life insurance policies and whether Crystal Brame had a pension.

Under the program, family members of people killed or seriously injured in a violent crime can be paid a pension benefit up to $40,000, as well as $6,200 for burial costs and a one-time sum of $7,500.

They also can receive financial assistance for counseling, said Robert Nelson, a spokesman for the state Department of Labor & Industries.

"We are a payer of last resort," he said. "Whether or not this is paid is very individual."

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