Special Reports

UPS grad rowers enter the home stretch

Somewhere in the North Atlantic — OAR Northwest picked up a little speed Monday as it continued its push toward becoming the first Americans to row across the North Atlantic.

The University of Puget Sound graduates now have less sea between them and the finish line than they do between themselves and the second-place boat.

As of 8 p.m. Monday, the team was 143 miles from the finish line and 183 miles ahead of the next boat in the Ocean Fours Race.

Winds continue to slow Jordan Hanssen, Dylan LeValley, Greg Spooner and Brad Vickers, but they had their most productive day in more than a week.

In an e-mail to their public relations manager, Kyle Putnam, the rowers said they are tired but confident.

“We are still slogging in the right direction,” Hanssen said.

Today is the team’s 66th day at sea, putting it on pace to finish the 2,863-mile race Friday morning.