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SOMEWHERE IN THE NORTH ATLANTIC: UPS graduates within 100 miles of finish in trans-Atlantic race

Winds have finally turned in the favor of OAR Northwest as the crew within 100 miles of the finish of its trans-Atlantic row.

As of 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, the team of University of Puget Sound grads was 95 miles from the finish and pushed its lead in the first Ocean Fours Race to 205 miles.

The three boats in the 2,863-mile race have been without a support boat since Monday. The support boat, which had monitored the race since it started June 10, sustained damage during the crossing and had to travel ahead to Falmouth, England, for repairs. Woodvale, the race organizer, will launch a replacement from France on Thursday.

Another support boat will launch from England today to escort OAR Northwest from the finish line to Falmouth.

Jordan Hanssen, Dylan LeValley, Greg Spooner and Brad Vickers are attempting to become the first Americans to row the North Atlantic.

Today will be their 67th day at sea, keeping them on pace to finish Friday morning.