Special Reports

OAR Northwest team reaches land, makes history

OAR Northwest touched land for the first time in 71 days at 11:48 a.m. making rowing history in the process.

Docking in Falmouth, England, with friends and family cheering them on, the four University of Puget Sound graduates became the first men to row from mainland United States and mainland United Kingdom.

They are also the first Americans to row the North Atlantic.

Jordan Hanssen, Dylan LeValley, Greg Spooner and Brad Vickers were one of four teams in the first Ocean Fours Race that started in New York on June 10. One boat broke down the first day. The other two are still at least a week from the finish.

OAR Northwest won the 2,863-mile race Friday morning when it passed the Isles of Scilly, about 45 miles off shore of mainland United Kingdom.

The team is still soliciting donations on its Web site, oarnorthwest.com, to ship its boat home and to raise money for the American Lung Association.