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Quick guide to domestic violence plans

Confused by all the different groups and committees working on domestic violence plans in the wake of the David Brame shootings?

Here's a quick guide:

Crystal Clear. An informal committee of local and state leaders doing extensive research on domestic violence. A subcommittee is focused on police domestic violence and recently met with experts from the International Association of Chiefs of Police to develop a new policy for the Tacoma Police Department.

County/City. Representatives of Pierce County and the Tacoma City Council are working together on a plan to combine resources to streamline the domestic violence system countywide.

City Council research. By resolution, council members asked staff to consult with experts about staff training. They finished four training sessions last month.

Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs. The association started an investigation into city policies that affected David Brame, but the investigation has been put on hold. Another arm of the association continues work on a policy on police-involved domestic violence that would be circulated to every law enforcement agency in the state. The association is working with the Washington Council of Police & Sheriffs, which represents law enforcement officers.

Pierce County community. Representatives of shelters, medical agencies and community groups are considering a new plan for responding to emergency domestic violence situations.

Women for Justice. Hours after the Brame shootings, this local legal group distributed purple ribbons and called for a "Crystal Clear Act" or initiative. The group provided inspiration for the Crystal Clear Committee, although none of the members now are on the committee. The group also was involved in the petition drive to change Tacoma's form of government, which has faltered due to errors on the petitions. Women for Justice recently held a fund-raiser for domestic violence programs at the YWCA.

Attorney General Christine Gregoire. Gregoire had one of her employees compile a book analyzing domestic violence policies throughout the country, and is working with local governments and law enforcement agencies throughout the state on strengthening their policies.

Women's justice committee. Local women lawyers and judges are researching how to better help victims of domestic violence and educate the public about what's needed.

Treatment providers. Domestic violence is a behavior that can be treated with intensive therapy. Providers of this little-known treatment are meeting to come up with suggestions to help state and local governments.