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Domestic violence victims seeking help via hot lines

Domestic violence victims are flooding local hot lines with pleas for help in the wake of the shooting of Crystal Brame.

"Our phones are ringing off the hook right now," said Ann Eft, who heads the Pierce County Commission Against Domestic Violence.

The women say they believe they are in the same situation as Brame, or that their husbands have threatened to "do an O.J." - a reference to the 1994 case in which O.J. Simpson was acquitted in the murders of his wife and an acquaintance.

Crystal Brame and her husband, David Brame, were in the midst of a divorce in which both spouses had accused the other of violence.

Eft said help is available for domestic violence victims who need to flee violent partners.

"We relocate people out of state," Eft said. "We can help them change their name, get a new Social Security number. And we can do it discreetly."

Debbie Cafazzo, The News Tribune

To call for help

• Statewide Domestic Violence Hot Line: 1-800-562-6025

• Family Renewal Shelter for Battered Women and Children: 253-475-9010

• Pierce County Domestic Violence Helpline: 253-798-4166; 800-764-2420; TDD: 253-798-6050

• YWCA Women's Shelter: 253-383-2593

• Pierce County Clerk's Office (for domestic violence protection/anti-harassment orders): 253-798-7455

Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney Domestic Violence Unit: 253-798-7446