Special Reports

Warning signs of domestic violence

If you think someone you know is being abused:

• Call 911 if an assault is occurring.

• Take time to listen and believe that abuse hurts, whether emotional, physical or sexual.

• Understand that victims sometimes blame themselves; give them emotional support.

• Tell the victim: "You don't deserve to be abused. I'm afraid for your safety and for the safety of your children. The violence will get worse. There are people who can help when you're ready."

If you think someone you know is being abusive:

• Tell the person the behavior disturbs you, and that you care.

• Don't agree with statements that suggest the partner brought on the violence.

• Tell the abuser: "You are destroying your family, and committing a crime. You are responsible for your behavior. Help is available to learn nonviolent ways of interacting."

Source: Pierce County Commission Against Domestic Violence.

Where victims can call for help

• Statewide Domestic Violence Hot Line: 1-800-562-6025

• Family Renewal Shelter for Battered Women and Children: 253-475-9010

• Pierce County Domestic Violence Helpline: 253-798-4166; 800-764-2420; TDD: 253-798-6050

• YWCA Women's Shelter: 253-383-2593

• Pierce County Clerk's Office (for domestic violence protection/antiharassment orders): 253-798-7455

• Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney Domestic Violence Unit: 253-798-7446

Where abusers can call for help

• Impact Domestic Violence program: 253-841-9331

• Peaceful Solutions: 253-535-9848

• Advantages Plus Counseling: 253-564-1019

• Nueva Comunidad: 253-476-9705