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Mayor taps ex-FBI agent as investigation liaison

Mayor Bill Baarsma has appointed a former FBI special agent to be the liaison between the Tacoma City Council and the group investigating the career of Police Chief David Brame.

Douglas Aukland, a Tacoma resident, worked for the FBI for 31 years, according to a city news release. He also was a special agent for the National Insurance Crime Bureau and a contract investigator for the federal government.

"Given his background working for the FBI, Doug Aukland is just what we're looking for as our liaison to the investigative team," Baarsma said.

Aukland was chosen after a two-hour interview and reference checks. The City Council will vote Tuesday on a resolution to confirm his appointment.

The investigation by the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs will take at least three weeks, according to the group's executive director, Larry Erickson.

The role of the investigation has expanded to include not only Brame's career, but also who in the police department and city government knew about his past and his contentious divorce.

Erickson's investigation team is comprised of three police investigators and Kitsap County Prosecutor Russ Hauge. Erickson has said he also will consult with the Association of Washington Cities.

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