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Brame 911 tapes

The Pierce County Sheriff's Department on Thursday released four calls made to 911 in the moments after Tacoma Police Chief David Brame shot his wife, Crystal, and then committed suicide April 26 in a Gig Harbor parking lot.

Crystal Brame's April 11th 911 Call (7 minutes)

Brame Shooting 911 Call 1 (1 min. 45 sec.)

Brame Shooting 911 Call 2 (2 min. 24 sec.)

Brame Shooting 911 Call 3 (2 min. 40 sec.)

Brame Shooting 911 Call 4 (3 min. 1 sec.)

Also released was a tape of a 911 call Crystal Brame made April 11 from her parents' home in Gig Harbor.

Three hours earlier, her husband and one of his assistant chiefs, Catherine Woodard, picked up his two children at Crystal Brame's parents' home in a gated community.

Transcript of April 11 call from Crystal Brame to 911

Crystal: Hello?

911: Hi.

Crystal: Wanting to know if there is there a Pierce County sheriff.

911: I went over that with your mom. What we were getting around to is, what exactly happened? We’re the dispatch center. We’d be happy to take a call and send someone out to you.

Crystal: I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you.

911: We are the dispatch center. We would be happy to take down the information and send an officer out to you, and we were actually getting around to but she was going to let you tell me what has happened.

Crystal: OK, basically, what’s occurring is my husband and I are going through a divorce.

911: OK.

Crystal: I’m currently staying with my parents. I’ve been here residing with them since February 24.

911: OK.

Crystal: My children, I have sole custody of the children.

911: OK.

Crystal: It’s pending in court that was continued from yesterday in King County, continued until next Friday, but the issues are that I’m staying for security and safety reasons.

911: Right.

Crystal: Because of the numerous death threats from my husband.

911: OK.

Crystal: There will be a restraining order entered next Friday, (unintelligible) due to the court date being continued. All issues in temporary orders will not be heard until next Friday morning at 9:30 am on April 18.

911: OK.

Crystal: And due to several death threats and people that he works with intimidating me, he showed up and cornered them and the reason that this is such an issue because he is the chief of police for Tacoma. He does carry a firearm.

911: Tacoma chief of police?

Crystal: David Brame, my husband that I’m divorcing.

911: Oh, that’s your husband, David Brame?

Crystal: Yes, this is where the problem lies. He brought one of the assistant chiefs here, who is now an unwanted guest, who has intimidated and threatened me, during this divorce process.

And it had already been made known to my attorney, she was not to have any further contact with me, and has done this tonight and showed up uninvited as an unwanted guest at my parents home.

911: With your husband?

Crystal: Yes, with my husband.

911: Who is the chief of police.

Crystal: My husband, David Brame.

911: OK, I just want to make sure.

Crystal: David Brame, and I’m Crystal Brame. We are in the middle of (something) the divorce and I have my parents here in order to exchange the children for my safety because there has been so many death threats with him. So I have to have this exchange done in front of witnesses so I’m not one-on-one with him, for my own personal safety.

911: OK.

Crystal: And what I need to do is have a report taken.

911: OK, is this (unintelligible) than the death threats?

Crystal: Yes.

911: (Unintelligible, both talking at the same time).

Crystal: He lied to the guards to get in here, under... He told the guard me and my kids... the security in Canterwood... if the Brames are here, David was supposed to come in alone. He told the guard that the Brames were here, (indicated) that they were a couple. They were not, and it was one of his assistant chiefs, a female assistant chief, the one who has also intimidated me.

911: (Unintelligible).

Crystal: Pardon me?

911: He came there for what, for what reason?

Crystal: He came here for visitation for his residential time with the children.

911: Is this suppose to take place somewhere else?

Crystal: No it’s suppose to take place at my parents.

911: Oh, OK.

Crystal: Yes, he is the only one authorized for in agreement with the attorney’s office. He is to be the only...

911: Oh, and you're upset because he brought some else?

Crystal: Because he brought someone else who has intimidated me in the last week, week and a half, and it has been reported to the attorney.

911: This assistant chief intimidated you too?

Crystal: Yes.

911: And what’s that person’s name?

Crystal: That’s Catherine Woodard. She also did so with my father and my mother present and my two small children who are 8 and 5. The 5-year-old was just beside himself.

911: OK, I want to try to understand, your husband (unintelligible) death threats, but Catherine intimidated you? What exactly did she do?

Crystal: Prior to this evening or this evening? It’s been more than one occasion

911: Well I guess we should stick with this evening

Crystal: I just need to know which occasion you want me (something) me to...

911: This evening.

Crystal: Pardon me?

911: This evening, did she do anything intimidating?

Crystal: She wouldn’t leave the property, and also she had some personal items of my clothing. It was agreed upon at the attorneys yesterday that my parents retrieve Crystal’s items, enter the home. I’m not going into the home due to safety reasons, and safety issues.

911: OK, what is the gate coding for the deputies to get in, or do they need that, or do they...

Crystal: Pardon me?

911: Is there a gate code for the deputies to get, or do they just stop there?

Crystal: They just stop at the guard gate and ask to be... If they can, have them call.

911: Sure.

Crystal: (Unintelligible) that way I can explain.

911: They just call this number? (Gives number). Kind of went dead then. How long ago were they out there?

Crystal: They were out there about 6:20, I’m sorry about 6:10

911: OK, just one minute.

Crystal: We were waiting for the sheriff.

911: Sorry.

Crystal: My parents made two calls to security.

911: And I was asking, was it one in particular that is normally there and, um...

Crystal: Ma’am, I don’t know they would have to answer that question, this is a temporary residence for the time being.

911: Right, right, OK, can you hold on for just a moment please? OK, thanks for holding, ma’am, I’m just trying to get the call put together so they can understand it over there.

OK, after all of this, did you guys wind up exchanging? So you did take care of... It's just that he’s not suppose to bring anyone else to that property?

Crystal: I’m sorry?

911: OK, you guys did exchange the children tonight? Was it the fact that he brought someone else there and he wasn’t supposed to?

Crystal: That’s correct.

911: OK, and did any death threats take place tonight?

Crystal: No death threats tonight.

911: OK, well, I’ll get a call in and I will get someone out there to contact you just as soon as I can.

Crystal: I really appreciate it. Thank you so much.

911: No problem.

Crystal: OK, bye bye.

Transcript of 911 calls on April 26, 2003

First Call

911: What are you reporting?

Caller: Shooting in my parking lot.

911: Just now?

Caller: Just now.

911: Is anyone down?

Caller: Somebody is down, somebody down.

911: Standby, connecting you with medical.

Caller: Get everybody inside. Get Jody back in here now.

911: Medical – what are you reporting?

Caller: Shooting in my parking lot.

911: Who has been shot?

Caller: We don’t know.

911: Where is the body that’s been shot?

Caller: On the corner behind my building.

911: On the corner behind your building?

Caller: Yes.

911: Do you know how old the person is, or if it’s a male or a female?

Caller: Do we know who has been shot? No, we’re investigating right now.

911: Medical – I’m gonna go ahead and raise the line up and put you on hold to get them started.

911: We are still on the line, this is the Sheriff’s dispatch, did anyone see who did the shooting?

Caller: I don’t know any details, I just had a customer run and tell me call 911, somebody’s been shot.

911: Is there anyone there with first-hand information?

Caller: No.

911: You’re a cashier?

Caller: I’m the store manager.

911: Your last name, sir?

Caller: Luka.

911: Spell it?

Caller: L-u-k-a.

911: First name?

Caller: Peter.

911: Telephone number?

Caller: The police are here. (Gives number).

911: OK, thank you very much.

Caller: You done with me?

911: Stay on the line, if you would, follow-up will be back on the line.

Second Call

911: What are you reporting?

Caller: We have a shooting in the parking lot on the corner. Right in Gig Harbor, 4700 Point Fosdick Drive, two people shot, one (unintelligible) and one suicide.

911: (Something) stay on the line

911: Medical – What are you reporting?

Caller: We have a suicide.

911: You have a what?

Caller: We have a suicide.

911: Where?

Caller: In front of Rite Aid at 4700 Point Fosdick Drive.

911: The person shot themselves?

Caller: Two people. One suicide, one murder.

911: Where on the body is the person shot?

Caller: She’s face down on the ground under a car and I can’t tell where she is shot. The second person is shot apparently in the head. He is alive.

911: The first one’s a female and second one is a male and he’s the one that shot himself?

Caller: Yes, upon guessing, yes.

911: Danny, go ahead.

911: What’s your name, sir?

Caller: Steve Sutton.

911: Do you know who these parties are?

Caller: Haven’t got a clue.

911: What’s your cell phone number?

Caller: (Gives number). We are in possession of a gun, it’s looks like a forty-five or a nine-millimeter.

911: You have it, or heard that?

Caller: I’m standing in front of it now.

911: OK that’s good, keep everybody away, is that possible to do?

Caller: Yes. (Pause). Are you there?

911: Yes I’m here

Caller: It appears that it maybe a husband and wife, domestic or a boyfriend or girlfriend, I don’t know what the relationship is. There are two small kids. They were with the wife apparently.

911: OK, I’ve got a call into dispatch, do you hear the sirens?

Caller: The Pierce County sheriff is here now.

911: OK, I’m going to let you go.

Caller: OK, thank you.

Third call

911: What are you reporting?

Caller: Reporting here in front (unintelligible) center, in front of Rite Aid. Somebody has been shot. You’ve probably had several calls – I see a good amount of people on cell phones.

911: – OK, hold on just a moment, which Rite Aid are you at?

Caller (Unintelligible) Sunset Grill in Gig Harbor.

911: – 4814?

Caller: Yes.

911: Stay on the line, let me get medical aid on the line.

911: Medical aid.

Caller: Someone’s been shot, in front of the Sunset Grill.

911: Do you know what the address is?

Caller: In Gig Harbor, (unintelligible) I’m looking for an address.

911: OK, is it around Schucks?

Caller: I’m sorry, what was that?

911: Do you see a Schucks auto works?

Caller: Yes.

911: Do you know anything about the patient, we’ve gotten a few calls.

Caller: I don’t, but you may want to contact somebody from Hollywood Video, Rite Aid, and somebody from Sunset. Here’s the police right now.

911: The police are there?

Caller: Yes.

911: Hold on the line a moment. Can I get your name?

Caller: My name is Sue.

911: OK.

Caller: I’m in the Sunset Grill parking lot.

911: Your cell phone number, please?

Caller: (Gives number).

911: OK, is that (repeats number)?

Caller: Yes.

911: Do you have any idea of what happened? (Unintelligible) the person that did it?

Caller: I did not. I heard someone screaming as I drove by to drop off some videos at Hollywood Videos.

911: Was it a male or female that you heard screaming?

Caller: Kids, young kids, but there was an older woman and two people on the ground.

911: OK.

Caller: There’s quite a scene right now.

911: An older woman is on the ground?

Caller: I don’t know who was on the ground, but the older woman was running to the kids and a young couple walked and said that two people were shot. They were walking into Hollywood Video and some guy over there shot some woman, they said.

911: OK.

Caller: I’m sure there are some witnesses there, but they're kind of keep clear and away from whoever has the gun.

911: OK, OK, the police are on the scene now.

Caller: Yeah, they're on the scene right now. I’m not at – I’m across the way, I can’t really see.

911: OK, operator will thank you.

Caller: You bet, bye bye.

911: Bye

Fourth call

911: – What are you reporting?

Male – Gun shots.

911: – Where at?

Caller: Point Fosdick.

911: – Where at on Point Fosdick?

Caller: Right in front of Hollywood Video.

911: What’s the address where you are at?

Caller: What’s the address? Look on the video case. Grab a video, it’s on the bottom of the video (talking to someone in the car). 4816 Point Fosdick.

911: Your last name?

Caller: Hentz.

911: Your first name?

Caller: Jesse.

911: Phone number there?

Caller: (Gives number).

911: How long ago was this?

Caller: A minute or so.

911: How many gunshots did you hear?

Caller: I heard two.

911: And did you hear or see anything else?

Caller: Everyone is out in the parking lot. Customers are saying someone was shot.

911: Somebody was shot?

Caller: Yes, gunshot, someone was shot.

911: Somebody fired a gunshot or gun or was someone ...

Caller: Somebody (sound of sirens).

911: That’s kind of different than you heard gunshots, sir.

Caller: I heard gunshots and turned around and someone shot somebody.

911: OK, where’s the person that did the gunshots?

Caller: I don’t know, I didn’t witness it (talking in the background).

911: OK, and where is the victim?

Caller: Out in the parking lot.

911: – Do you have any kind of description of the vehicle?

Caller: I’m sorry?

911: Do you have a description of the vehicle?

Caller: Jen, what kind of vehicle? (Pause). I’m going to walk around the corner so I can see, I can’t see from here. I’ll be one second... (Long pause). It looks like a brownish SUV van, maroon.

911: Do you see any officers?

Caller: One, and a couple just pulled up.

911: Was it a full-size van, small van?

Caller: It was more like a Subaru.

911: OK, are officers with that vehicle?

Caller: I’m sorry?

911: Are the officers with that vehicle?

Caller: One just walked over there.

911: OK, I’ll let you go, thank you.

Caller: Bye.