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Officer placed on leave after sending e-mail

Acting Tacoma Police Chief Catherine Woodard has placed officer Patrick Frantz on paid administrative leave, pending the outcome of an investigation into a controversial e-mail.

Frantz, president of the department's largest union, sent the message Monday to John Hathaway, who publishes The New Takhoman.

The online publication disclosed Police Chief David Brame's messy divorce last week.

The e-mail stated, among other things, "If you want to throw stones, you had better live in a bullet-proof glass house."

Hathaway said he felt threatened by the e-mail and notified police officials.

Woodard launched an Internal Affairs investigation and the Pierce County Sheriff's Department is looking at whether the e-mail was a criminal act.

Meanwhile, Frantz retains his position as president of Local 6.

Stacey Mulick, The News Tribune