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State asked to review e-mail threat allegations

Pierce County Prosecutor Gerry Horne has asked the state Attorney General's Office to review allegations that the president of the Tacoma police officers and sergeants union threatened a Tacoma man.

Union president Patrick Frantz has been accused of sending a threatening e-mail to John Hathaway, the local bartender and bowling alley manager who first disclosed Tacoma Police Chief David Brame's messy divorce.

Frantz sent Hathaway, who is a frequent critic of local government, an e-mail stating, "If you want to throw stones, you had better live in a bullet-proof glass house."

The Pierce County Sheriff's Department forwarded its investigation to prosecutors for a charging decision, and Horne passed the case along to Brian Moran, the state's chief criminal prosecutor.

"We've just basically asked them to review it," said deputy prosecutor Susan Adams, who head's Pierce County's misdemeanor division. "It's a pretty routine special prosecutor situation. When we know the parties involved, we would ask an outside agency to review it so there's no question about an appearance of fairness."

Moran said he didn't have the case yet.

"Our office has a very broad-based request to handle anything criminal that spins out of the Brame review," Moran said, adding that he didn't know whether this case was part of that. "I don't have anything on it; I certainly don't have a timeline on it."

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