Special Reports

From his personnel file: What people were saying about David Brame

Glowing evaluations and commendations trace David Brame's 20-year rise through the ranks of the Tacoma Police Department.

When he applied to become police chief in 2001, city and community leaders saw a sparkling service record. Brame's evaluations praise his performance as he rose through the ranks.

His first of 12 probationary reports after becoming a police patrol officer call him an "average student" at the law enforcement academy. Later, his commander notes Brame has overcame early criticism that he was "overly timid." His final probationary review gives him "very good" ratings and calls Brame "an exceptional probationary officer."

As he was promoted to sergeant, lieutenant and captain, seven commanders did a total of 18 reviews of his job. All gave him the top rating and graded his work using such words as "exemplary" "enthusiastic," "very professional" and "diligent," and call him a valuable asset to the department.

The following are a sampling in Brame's personnel file, including some of the 44 entries of commendation and praise.

Sean Robinson, The News Tribune

JULY 6, 1982

"PPO (police patrol officer) Brame has completed the seventh month of his probationary period. During this rating period this rater noticed that Officer Brame was making satisfactory progress in all areas. It was further noted that he seems to have a gift for defusing hostile situations, domestic disputes in particular.

"Officer Brame can also be relied on to control stress situations with a great deal of calmness. This is a very good trait in any officer.

"PPO Brame, although still in the early stages of learning, has made considerable improvement in his report writing skills. He has the desire to succeed in his chosen profession.

"I recommend that this officer be retained."

probationary evaluation

SEPT. 4, 1982

"PPO Brame has completed his ninth month of probation. I have received no negative comments from his peer officers or the general public. His reports continue to be of a high quality and he completed them in a timely fashion. His appearance is exemplary.

"PPO Brame is a rather quiet individual, but does not hesitate to seek advise (sic) from supervisors or other police officers. Other officers are eager to work with PPO Brame.

"I have had the occasion to observe the actions of PPO Brame at the scene of several different types of calls and noted that he handled himself well. PPO Brame is rapidly becoming a very important asset to the Tacoma Police Department.

"I recommend that PPO Brame be retained."

probationary evaluation

OCT. 10, 1983

"Approximately a month ago, Officer Brame and Officer Ellis caught our son and some other boys sitting in a parked car smoking pot. This is not normal behavior for our son and very positive results have been produced because of Officer Brame's professional abilities and genuine concern in handling this situation.

"We are convinced that our son will not behave in this manner again and this is all due to Officer Brame."

letter to Police Chief Patrick Johnson

APRIL 1, 1985

"The caution shown in entering the apartment and confronting the subject who then threatened you with a knife reflected concern for officer safety. The scene was kept under control by backing away from him when you saw the danger.

"... Once the subject was in custody, you maintained a professional demeanor toward him in spite of the continued verbal abuse he directed at you. Your decisions made in the few critical moments evidence your good judgment and ability to think under pressure. This type of performance is a credit to you both and to our department."

memo from Capt. Ken Monner to Brame and Richard McCrea, on efforts to arrest a suicidal man

NOV. 4, 1988

"You are commended for your continuing dedication, persistence and alertness."

memo from Capt. Charles Meinema, commending Brame for an arrest

AUG. 28, 1989

"You took immediate action to contain the suspect and were able to take him into custody without incident. Following the arrest, your investigation of the scene was handled in a very professional manner.

"Once again, you are commended for an arrest that resulted solely from your self-initiated efforts."

memo from Capt. Mike Darland to Brame and another officer, commending them for an arrest

JAN. 25, 1991

"Sgt. Brame's astute response to a telephone tip caused him to alert me and help me and my family divert what may have turned out disastrous. His professional and courteous manner was very reassuring at a difficult time."

letter to Fjetland from a Tacoma resident praising Brame for preventing a burglary

APRIL 26, 1991

"Sgt. Brame is very confident in his abilities as a first line supervisor. When doing turn-out he is poised and professional in his presentations.

"Sergeant Brame is always neat and well groomed and seems to take pride in his appearance and the wearing of the uniform. He is a good role model for the patrol officers under his command."

probationary evaluation of Brame's second month as a sergeant

NOV. 22, 1991

"I just wish to express my sincere appreciation for the help that we received as a result of Sgt. Brame's cooperative attitude. Due to his willingness to help, a dangerous individual is now in the Washington Corrections Center where he belongs."

letter to Lt. Paul Wooten from a state community corrections officer

JULY 10, 1995

"Dave reports to work on time and makes sure that he is brought up to date on significant incidents that might have an impact on his shift.

"He has made a practice of communicating his perspective, and possible courses of action on sector problems to the lieutenants responsible for the affected areas. This area has been appreciated by those commanders."

probationary evaluation by Capt. Mike Darland of Brame's third month as a lieutenant

APRIL 22, 1997

"For his efforts in accomplishing this significant task, and for outstanding professionalism and teamwork, the Tacoma Police Department is proud to award Lt. David A. Brame the Certificate of Merit."

citation for Brame's work on a review of use-of- force policies and procedures in the department

JUNE 25, 1998

"Capt. Brame continues to express and demonstrate a sincere interest in the department overall. In this rater's opinion, he possesses the attributes, abilities and interpersonal skills to make a significant positive impact upon this organization during his career."

final evaluation of Brame's job as captain by Assistant Chief William Woodard

JULY 30, 1998

"Congratulations on your successful achievement and I extend my best wishes on your continued career with the Tacoma Police Department."

letter from Deputy Chief James Hairston, congratulating Brame on his promotion to captain

JAN. 16, 2002

"We are looking forward to you joining us in this critical position. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at any time."

letter to Brame from City Manager Ray Corpuz, formally offering the job of police chief