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Corpuz said unaware of move to pull badge

Tacoma City Manager Ray Corpuz didn't know that the city's top human resource officials recommended taking Police Chief David Brame's gun and badge a day before he shot his wife and killed himself, a city councilman said.

"The first time the city manager learned of it is when he read it in the paper" Saturday, Councilman Kevin Phelps said. "There were implications made that it was his decision not to pull the badge or the gun, and that is incorrect."

The News Tribune reported that City Attorney Robin Jenkinson and chief assistant city attorney Elizabeth Pauley disagreed with a recommendation to pull Brame's badge and gun.

The recommendation came from human resource manager Phil Knudsen and his second-in-command, Mary Brown. Both had become alarmed after reading that Crystal Brame said her husband had choked her and threatened to shoot her, sources say.

But Jenkinson and Pauley contended the Brames' divorce was a civil matter in which the city had no business, sources say.

Phelps said he doesn't know whether Corpuz spoke to the legal advisers that day - as he often does - and said that if they did talk, they didn't discuss the human resource recommendation.

Corpuz could not be reached for comment Saturday night. He has previously declined to confirm any information regarding the recommendation because of the pending investigation of him, Brame and others.

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